Positive Underground Social House, aka P.U.S.H. Experience LA is a Creative Platform based in Los Angeles.  We design experiences and products that PUSH creativity, self-awareness and community building.



    Let’s put our phone down. Human connection is essential today; and that’s why we're here! It’s our pleasure to cultivate spaces that reflect the layers that come with life. When you come to a P.U.S.H. Experience we greet you as family. Our events are for the creative hustler to the corporate person looking to let loose.


    Life happens. Our platform is much bigger than dope spaces - it’s a community.  We’re here to connect in the social space AND in real life. We advocate for self care, positive mental health, and creative safe spaces.


    Merchandise should stand for something. Our bold collection represents action and peace of mind. It’s bigger than giving people something to wear - we’re creating something for them to believe in.